Barred Frizzle Cochin

We have always loved a good cochin. They are kind, mellow and often go broody. We kicked it up a notch by adding some FRIZZLES into our flock!


When you order these, you may get regular cochins or frizzled. There is no way to know at hatch. They hatch 50/50.

APA Class: Asiatic

Egg Color: Light Brown

Personality: Mello, quiet, can go broody

Sexable at Hatch: No

Chick Price: $10

Hatching Eggs: Not available

How to purchase

Day Old Chicks: We set hundreds of eggs a week during hatching season! We have small, spoiled flocks. Our "princesses" can quit laying for the most trivial reason or for no reason at all. We don't have hundreds of hens so the impact is real! Please be patient and flexible. Beginning March 1, 2022, all pre-orders are through invoice. Please click the link to fill out the order form and we will let you know when we can set your eggs. If acceptable to us both, you can make your payment. Eggs are not set until payment is made. If all goes well, your chicks will be born in 3 weeks from the time frame we agreed to. If you cancel your order while we are in the incubation process, there are NO REFUNDS. There are no exceptions to this policy. Once we are setting eggs for your order, that space is not available for anyone else. If for some reason the flocks go broody, turn into egg eaters, or some reason on our end (not weather-related) that prevents us from setting your order, we will fully refund you.

Too impatient to wait for chicks? Check out our active inventory by clicking here. 

Chick purchases require a minimum of 3. But you are more than welcome to mix and match breeds! We offer a 48-Hour Live Chick Guarantee on picked up orders at the farm. You will be given every opportunity to evaluate your chicks for health and vigor before accepting them. If you have questions, this is the time to ask. We will never offer sick, weak or chicks with poor vigor. Chicks are fragile and raising them takes care. It is your responsibility to take care of them once they are out of our care. If you have a loss within the first 48-hours, you MUST EMAIL us a photo of the deceased chick before disposal. If you are local, we will gladly offer a replacement. If you have driven a distance, we offer a credit for a future order or product in our store. There are no refunds. Sorry, NO exception.

​Vaccinations and Disease. Unless you specifically request otherwise your birds will NOT be vaccinated for Marek’s disease. Please note that the Marek’s vaccine is not 100% effective, and even vaccinated birds may later contract Marek’s if the disease is present on your property or they come into contact with wild birds or rodents who can carry it. Marek’s is very common and often present in backyard flocks yet remains undetected because the flock is resistant to the disease. To vaccinate or not is a very personal decision and we support your right to chose. Our reputation is important to our farm, and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our birds are disease-free. Our breeder flocks are vaccinated for a variety of diseases and wing banded. We keep detailed records and routinely test to validate they are healthy. Our birds mean the world to us, just as yours do to you! 

Hatching Eggs - we offer hatching eggs on a limited basis. Please understand that not all eggs hatch. Sometimes, no eggs hatch at all! Hatching is always a gamble. We only offer you the exact same hatching eggs that we incubate on the farm. If you would like to order hatching eggs, please click the link to the hatching egg order form and place a request. 
What You Should Expect in Your Ole Yankee Farm Poultry. You should expect birds that reflect the fundamental attributes of the breed. You should not expect a cosmetically perfect bird. In fact, you should expect to find some defects in virtually every bird you raise. Just as every child is not destined to become a supermodel, every bird is not destined to win ribbons at shows. We do not represent that every bird we sell is show quality or is flawless. You should receive birds that can be the foundation for a breeding program that with enough time and skill can produce show-quality birds. We breed all of our flocks to the Standard of Perfection for their breed and we show many of our breeds. We are always on the quest to produce the best. 

Thank you for supporting our farm!