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Junior Does
(not old enough to breed)

Our herd is ADGA registered and AGS registration submitted/pending. We test adults annually for CAE, CL and Johnes. Herd health includes appropriate vaccinations, routine feet trimming, monthly health evaluations and on site fecal testing and management. 


Dragonfly SD Angelina Jolie


Ole Yankee Farm Freckles

Sire: Dragonfly CP Rock N Roll

  Sire: Dragonfly SOL Capriccio

  Dam: Dragonfly Cp Asturina LA89 4th@Nationals

Dam: Dragonfly Gersemi

  Sire: Dragonfly ARG Thorin Oakenshield

  Dam: Dragonfly RY Freya LA89


Valley's-Edge MiniMu

Sire: Valley's-Edge McGyver

  Sire: Valley's-Edge Superman

  Dam: SGCH Tiny Angels Maybeline LA90

Dam: Valley's-Edge MuMu

  Sire: Valley's-Edge Mr. Waggles

  Dam: Violet's Acre PA China Doll


Ole Yankee Farm Fruity Pebbles

Sire: Dragonfly Jacamar

  Sire: Dragonfly AV Mizuko

  Dam: GCH Dragonfly SOL Vireo 4*M EEVE 91

Dam: HLFM Frosted Flakes

  Sire: ++*B Castle Rock Iceberg

  Dam: HLFM RR Maple Sugar 4*M LA91


Valley's Edge Sparks Fly

Sire: Valleys Edge McGyver

  Sire: Valley's-edge Superman

  Dam: SGCH Tiny Angels Maybeline LA90

Dam: Valleys Edge KP Ember

  Sire: Sisters Three King Phillip

  Dam: FeatherNScale Bold Timber



Dragonfly Agnus Dei

Sire: Redstone Joyride Sundog

  Sire: Redstone Joyride *B 

  Dam: SG Redstone SF Dark Star LA 92 Elite Doe

Dam: Dragonfly THOR Pie Jesu LA89

   Sire: Dragonfly ARG Thorin Oakenshield

   Dam: Dragonfly HFX Kyrie LA90

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