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Fifty Fives were the first breed created by Father Martin Silverudd in Sweden. His goal was to create an autosexing chicken that produces eggs for the table in commercial quantities. Using different varieties of leghorns Silverudd created a breed where the rooster looks very different than the hen throughout its life.

As a day-old chick the males are easy to distinguish by the blonde down on the backs of their heads and white stripes on their backs. As adults the males grow into mostly white birds with colored freckles. Females are contrastingly different. They are dark brown with a chipmunk type pattern. As adults they are covered in white spots that resemblem flowers. 

The hens are truly prolific layers, and the eggs are the roundest and largest of any of the breeds on the farm. 


Pre-orders start in November!

55 Flowery Hen

Excluding Sales Tax
  • APA Class: None 

    Egg Color: White

    Personality: Very active, friendly, good free rangers

    Sexable at Hatch: Yes, by chick color

  • Coming soon!

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