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Ayam Cemani is the black chicken you have been hearing about! They are a game type bird, curious and alert. We started with Cemani back in 2014 and have been passionatly breeding ever since. We have foundation stock direct from both Indonesia and England. 


Maintaining correct type and dark pigment is a great challange. Remember, these are game birds not heavy chickens. We have been selectively breeding for proper type and black fibromelanistic qualilties, We never allow for mulberry in the combs, pink mouths, non-black feet or any leakage in the feathers.


Why are Ayam Cemani so pricey? Because they lay a whopping 90-100 eggs a year! Not every egg hatches. Not every chick survives. Not every chick has enough pigment to make our final cut and be offered to our buyers. Supply and demand.....


Please note that adding an Ayam Cemani to your cart can cause overall delays in your order. True Ayam Cemani are very fickle layers. 


Please let us know if you are looking for pet quality or breeder quality chicks!  A pet quality will have some slight flaws but still be a lovely black bird!


Pre-Orders will begin in November!

Ayam Cemani

Excluding Sales Tax
  • APA Class: None 

    Egg Color: Pink/Cream

    Personality: Active, friendly, good free rangers

    Sexable at Hatch: No

  • Coming Soon!

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