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The Crèvecoeur chicken is one of the oldest standard-bred breeds in France. Their name translates to “broken heart” and derives from the small town of Crève-Coeur en Ange in Normandy. Little is known about the breed’s origins other than they were developed in Normandy and have been documented back to the 12th century. 


Solid black in color, Crèvecoeur chickens have moderately sized crests and beards, compact, well-proportioned bodies, and short legs.Their heads are adorned with a distinctive “v” comb.


Pre-orders start in November!


Excluding Sales Tax
  • APA Class: Continental

    Egg Color: white some light tinted

    Personality: Calm, take confinement well. 

    Sexable at Hatch: No

  • Coming Soon!

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