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The Welsummer or Welsumer is a Dutch breed. It originates in the small village of Welsum, in the eastern Netherlands. It was bred at the beginning of the twentieth century  The eggs were originally exported for the commercial egg trade. Some stock was exported to the United Kingdom, and the breed was added to the British Standard in 1930.


They are good Layers and foragers and incredibly friendly.


The Silver Duckwing Welsummer is pretty common in the UK but exceptionally rare in the states. There are only a handful of breeders working on them. 



Silver Welsummer

Excluding Sales Tax
  • APA Class: Continental 

    Egg Color: Speckled brown

    Personality: Active, friendly, good free rangers

    Sexable at Hatch: Yes, by chick color

  • Check out this breed on our Youtube chanel.

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